Our Supply for ENI – Centro Olio Val D’Agri (Viggiano, Italy)

Magival Valves designed and manufactured Splitbody Metal to Metal Ball Valves with Jacket in Alloy 20 for ENI – Centro Olio Val D’Agri (Viggiano, Italy), and in particular:

For this supply:

  • Magival Valves designed all the valves
Splitbody Metal to Metal and with Jacket 4x3 #150 RF
  • And manifactured them thanks to our latest generation machinery
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  • Welding and Painting process have been outsourced and performed according to client specifications
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  • Magival Valves made valve coupling with pneumatic, single piston effect fail to close actuator, connection with control panel and pressure vassel
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  • Then Magival Valves tested both the valves and the actuators
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In addition to all our other certifications, these valves also have the SIL 2 certification.

Here are some pictures of our final product: