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Flat body valves


Soft Seated
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Metal Seated
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Magival ModelMG20
Design- 2 or 3 pieces construction
- Flat body
- According to ASME B16.34
Size- From 1/2” to 8” full bore
Rating- ANSI/ASME classes from 150 to 600
- European classes from PN6 to PN100
Ends- RF in according to EN 1092-1
- RF or RTJ in according to ASME B16.5
Materials- Carbon steel
- Stainless steel
- Duplex
- Superduplex
- Incoloy
- Aluminium Bronze

All materials are from barstock or forged
Insert- SOFT SEATED: rptfe – peek – derlin - devlon
Operator- Manual (lever o gearbox)
- Bare stem
- Actuated (pneumatic or electric)
Main Features- Side entry ball valve
- Fire Safe designed according to API 607, ISO 10497 and API 6FA
- Fugitive Emission design in according to ISO 15840-1 and API6D
- Antistatic device
- Antiblow-out stem
- Test in according to API 6D QSL 1
- Face to face according to Magival Standard
- ISO 5211 top work drilling
Additional Features- Locking Device
- Stem extension
- Jacketed upon request
- Nace requirement
- Electroless Nickel plating
- Special bore diameters available upon request

Flat body valves Wafer


Wafer type of ball valves are flat body valves. The design of these valves makes them ideal for use on systems with limited space. These valves are a two or three pieces construction whose nominal diameter goes from 1/2″ to 8″.
The drilling on these ball valves for connection to the system refers to the ASME standard or alternatively EN.

The ends can be RF (raised face) or RTJ (ring joint) type. Wafer type ball valves are available in different materials all derived from barstock or forged, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Superduplex or Bronze Aluminum.
The internal insert of wafer ball valves can be either with a soft seat in RPTFE, PEEK, DERLIN or DEVLON, or with a rigid metal seat. The valve can be operated manually by means of a lever, or alternatively, the stem of the wafer valves can be bare, arranged for the assembly of a pneumatic or electric actuator.


We give the opportunity to purchase these valves designed to be locked in order to ensure greater system safety; flat body valve end to end is a Magival standard; however we have the possibility to supply this type of valve with any type of end to end.
These Wafer valves can have stem extension and the jacket; they are also available with special diameters on request.

The Fire Safe valves criteria is respected and designed according to API607, ISO 10497 and API 6FA, while the Design Fugitive Emission according to ISO 15840-1 and API6D. Tests are done according to API 6D QSL 1.
It is also possible to carry out inspections at our two offices based in Italy both attended by customers and attended by qualified third parties. We produce Fire Safe valves.

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